November 2015, Part A

Photo highlights from early November in Arizona.



This White-capped Gnatcatcher was a pretty sweet local find (most recently seen in February 2016).
























Phoenix Police helicopters seem to constantly be patrolling our part of town, especially the west edge of Papago and the barrio that borders our gated community. Here, the searchlight illuminates something that put out a ton of smoke – a crash on the AZ 202?




Ryan O’Donnel and I went for a bird walk up to Mt. Ord and saw, among other things, early November Tarantulas.




A Golden-crowned Kinglet was apparently noteworthy on Mt. Ord.




The two types of titmouse found in Arizona:












And a Red-backed Junco is noteworthy for Maricopa County, AZ.








This Surf Scoter was losing its dentures on a stretch of the Salt River.












Birds and trash on the Salt River in the Tonto National Forest.




























Bender’s Thrasher!












A short break from birding to see these World War 2 era planes flying around over the Rousseau Sod Farms.












Including my favorite, a B-17!
























I don’t normally see squatting Great Egrets, but this fellow maintained this pose for over an hour:








The fish of the Arizona irrigation canals:









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