November 2015, Part 2

The middle chunk of November provided some nice Phoenix-area birding.

Wayne came for a visit and we all went to Boyce Thompson Arboretum for a rainy walk.












Balcony birds peaked in November:












More birds of Papago Park included both species of flickers, Sonoran Curve-billed Thrashers, Bendire’s Thrashers, etc:
















































































A pair of essentially golf-course ponds on the north side had two odd-balls at once, Eurasian Wigeon and Pacific Loon. The EUWI had previous (non-hunter) human experience. It excitedly approached every passer-by, even those walking dogs, for the chance of scoring handouts.








































More Papago Park birds here:
























Here, a suburban Bendire’s Thrasher defies the field guide claims of its secretive nature by foraging on the tees on the barrio side:








With our balcony garden set-up, Sonoran Curve-billed Thrashers (palmeri) bravely make the flight up to our place to forage and give us great views:
































More garbage Collared-Doves from our barrio, including three separate shades of dove in one shot:












And another dove, this time the more uncommon, but annual Ruddy Ground-Dove (lifer #594). This bird, reported by some guy in the southwest part of PHX Metro, was hanging out behind a Target. Anne and I went over to the Target, walked around back to a half-acre of lawn and there it was:






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