Chiricahua and Santa Rita Mountains, October 2014

On the way back to the Canyon by way of San Diego, Anne and I detoured to Southeast Arizona for some old friends and birds.

California’s Coastal Western Scrub-Jay




A Black Phoebe that was imitating a Vermillion Flycatcher, which should not be possible




A quorum of Killdeer




San Diego County’s very first ever Neotropical Cormorant with local Doubles




Band-tailed Pigeon of the Chiricahuas




And the Mexican Jay




















The biggest Black Bear I have ever seen, and it happened to be in Southeast Arizona!












The famous Mexican Chickadee, finally!









































































One thought on “Chiricahua and Santa Rita Mountains, October 2014

  • August 7, 2017 at 00:36

    Hello! I am a retired school teacher from a school district near the Santa Rita Mountains in Arizona. I have a hobby of collecting animal and plant photos from the Santa Ritas. Your photos of the whitetail deer and the black bear caught my eye. Were either of those photos taken in the Santa Ritas – perhaps Madera Canyon? If so, I’d like to correspond with you. Thank you!

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