Arizona Return 2014

Early in August another USGS season wrapped up and it’s back to Arizona we go…

But for how long?

Cresting over the pass south of San Jacinto I saw there for the first time a handsome herd of Bighorns on the cliffs above Palm Springs. The familiar highway took me past Desert Center, Needles, Kingman, Williams, and Flintstone Village before I finally arrived just before dark at the South Rim of Grand Canyon.

This was the night of the superest Supermoon of 2014, so I rushed out to Trailview to see the moonrise over the Grand Canyon village. After a poor and ill-prepared attempt at a moonlapse, I took a couple of photos of the moon before it disappeared behind clouds.



The next morning, 30 minutes into my season, I learned the bad budget news and realized that another winter at GRCA probably wasn’t meant to be. The next weekend I ran down to Madera Canyon to meet Brandon and enjoy the birds before they all left for winter.
























































































Back at the Canyon I was able to enjoy it in the breeding season for the first time, experience the Piñon-Juniper in the summer, and search for the remaining breeding birds though they’d mostly gone silent. What a surprise to see so many Zone-tailed Hawks flying around with Turkey Vultures! And then the arrival of the first winter migrants…





























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