Shearwater Weekend and Guest Photographer Babe Lee Miller

It all began when I was at the Target with Anne, Armando, and Babe Lee. Babe says “hey, you ought to try┬áthese Bonine pills!”

At long last, I took a trip with the legendary Debi Love Shearwater to see the pelagic sights off Half Moon Bay. The morning began with rough seas and high winds and exciting birds everywhere! Then, an hour in, the Bonine kicked in, I started seeing 3D, I began puking and coming in-and-out of consciousness and wishing it would all end. Thanks a lot for poisoning me Bonine!








































And here’s where I passed out, more or less, started to vomit, stopped caring about life, and could no longer lift my camera. A Hawaiian Petrel flew by, which I was too sick to capture, and Brandon “Babe Lee” Miller asked if he could try taking some photos. This is his art:









































































































































































































































































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