More Blythe miscellany

I’m nearly caught up with old photos from last year! Powering through the archives produced some nice surprises like the desert iguana.

I suppose gulls and seabirds in the desertĀ never stop being somewhat surprising. These gulls were flying overhead, but there were windy days where gulls flew low over the desert sands, gliding at breakneck speeds over creosote crests and banking steeply through the sandy troughs as though over anĀ ocean suddenly turned sand. It was awesome!
























One fine day a Desert Iguana came into a cluster of creosote where I was sitting. Accepting me for scenery, he climbed into the bushes to eat. Below you can see just how incredibly agile and skillful a climber this lizard is.
















I absolutely love this image!
















Is this Savannah Sparrow some sort of crossbill hybrid, or did it simply crash into a window and live?











Lastly, I took these under the lamps at the Blythe Riviera Resort Community where I lived. Nothing great, but fun to try something new…














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