Cristianitos Canyon isn’t just another wash, it’s the site of the first baptism in the state of California, back in 1769. Before that, hunter-gatherers had hunted and gathered around it for 8000 years. Until the 1900s, Grizzly Bears and Golden Beavers made it their home, and for the next few years, at least, Least Bell’s Vireos may sing and breed among its willows.

Today, this stretch of the San Mateo Creek watershed is among the few remaining non-channelized waterways in Southern California, and that means that I get to walk along it and look at birds. I have some pictures and stories to share, but for now I’m sharing this video of a lady coyote. She’s obviously upset at me, and the fact that she’s not running away suggests her young are nearby. Enjoy the barks and howls…

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