Yuma Life

With Great Basin Bird Observatory’s 10-day workweeks, Anne and I tried to make the most of our 4-day weekends. On one of those weekends, we went to California and visited the Salton Sea and Anza Borrego…

The All-American Canal, the sole source of water into California's Imperial Valley. Here, I-8 parallels the Canal.





Old Blue in front of the All-American Canal





Transmission lines parallel I-8 between Yuma and San Diego. The border wall is visible in the background.





Anne in front of the border wall





A picturesque grove at the Salton Sea.





Anne birding the Salton Sea





A beautiful peep! This is a Western Sandpiper.













Caspian Tern in flight





Marbled Godwits in flight









Burrowing Owl in typical modern habitat





Cactus Wren





Clark's Grebe





Green Heron





Caspian Terns









American White Pelicans









An interesting and unusal sandpiper at the beach...

















































Peeps are small, but next to this Black-necked Stilt this one looks tiny!





















Can you tell which Dowitcher this is?





I think this is a Long-billed...





Leo called me when I was taking this photo...





Ocotillos make wonderful subjects, I think





Anne and Ol' Suby at Anza Borrego





Our wedding grill!

































California Towhees in California

















Jimson Weed - DO NOT EAT!









Palm grove in the distance














































































The road through Algodones






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  • December 14, 2011 at 08:05

    Hi Jason and Anne, I love the pictures! My favorite caption is California Towhee in California, how appropriate. Hope you both are well!

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