Back in the saddle again!

In mid-March, after finishing up in Nebraska at the AFO meeting, I flew to Salt Lake, picked up a jeep, and drove down to Lake Havasu City where Anne and I joined the Great Basin Bird Observatory on their Lower Colorado River Multi-species Conservation Program (LCR MSCP).

A crew of a dozen or so biologists and field techs joined up for nearly a month of training and trail clearing before the actual surveys began. Here are some pictures from the first couple weeks…


Anne on the walk at the Bill Williams NWR HQ





The limits of the Sonoran





Field techs at work

















Dave teaching Anne about wolfberry













Field techs by an irrigation canal





Wilson's Warbler (WIWA)




















AMAV pair

























AMCOs chasing each other around





A brood of Mallard ducklings















Yuma prison, the Ocean-to-Ocean, and the Colorado





Colorado at sunrise





Border blimps in a high-speed chase





Dawn and I at Pittsburgh point, photographed by Dan





Me, birding





LHC at sunset





LHC at sunset





LHC at sunset





LHC at sunset





Field techs in the field: some planning logistics and others birding.





Discussing maps









Techs in the field

























Pluym on Pluym Hill













Mike Nicosia recording data





Jethro ready to roll





Nathan posing as a mannequin





















LHC sunset at the lighthouse













Rufous Hummer in the spring





Here's one place where the Rufous actually looks camouflaged









BTGY in Salix sp.

















Scene from Apocalypse Now





























View from the East Wetlands in Yuma, looking towards Laguna Dam













The Ocean to Ocean Highway Bridge, at the time of its construction, was the only crossing on the Colorado for 1200 miles. It was part of the Pike's Peak Ocean-to-Ocean Highway that was a direct competitor to the Lincoln Highway.






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