Hiatus over, four-month recap begins… (February 28, 2011)

As I write this, I am in Reno and have been avoiding this project for over four months. In that time, New York has become but a memory, Pennsylvania and New Hampshire were visited and fared well, we established a new domicile in the state of Arizona, and have most recently relocated to Nevada for an additional month of avian fieldwork. Many changes to report, but first, leaving New York:

Saying goodbye to Aubrey, my favorite Merlin









Anne saying goodbye to Jez, the Harris's Hawk









Anne saying bye to Gladys, who always tries to keep up grumpy appearances





I didn't really want to post this image, but it's the last I took with BW, and, sadly, might be the last photo ever taken of BW. Shortly after leaving New York, BW died.





Anne and I with Alice





Anne, a rental car, and the last box from Bayview





Last drive over the Bayville Bridge









Last view of Oyster Bay





The Mill Pond, and promises of spring





Last view of the city from the Throg's Neck





Driving off the island





And now, images from New Hampshire.









David and Josh had this feeder bird that I couldn't resist photographing

















Horned Larks on the roadside, picking through road grit.









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