Bird banding at TRSAC – our last session… (February 26, 2011)

On Saturday, February 26t, 2011, Anne and I went in to the Theodore Roosevelt Sanctuary and Audubon Center for one last morning of bird banding. Overnight we weathered a strong wind-storm, and arriving at the TR Sanctuary I was startled to see a tree down on top of the aviaries! Worried about a worst-case-scenario, that a hole had been opened in the enclosures and allowed for birds to escape (or predators to enter) I ran from enclosure to enclosure, conducting a head-count.Opening each enclosure, I checked to see if the birds were present. I then looked at each ceiling to see if I could see a large hole. Thankfully, every bird was present, but in the only enclosure that I dared not enter (Dave, the Great Horned Owl’s) I could see a startling amount of blue sky visible through the cracks in the boards! Dave was on eggs, so not only was she her usual self, but her instincts were in overdrive and she would most certainly have done her best to attack me if I were to enter! I decided to climb the outside wall of the aviary and inspect Dave’s enclosure from the roof.

As luck would have it, the large branch that came down in the night happened to land on the strongest braces possible, and so tragedy was avoided by a matter of inches. Dave’s roof was damaged, and the hole was large enough that she might have escaped if she had chosen to. In fact, had it not been for her eggs, she might have been more willing to explore the damage and find that hole, and then we would have had an escaped imprinted Great Horned Owl – truly scary!

Thankfully, the hole was patched up temporarily and Harvey arrived to begin banding…

Taken on the 19th of February, this was our final storm of the Long Island winter... as you'll see in our last photos from Bayville, the snow didn't last very long.
The detritus on top of the aviary roof
The detritus on top of the aviary roof
This was the thin-end of the branch that fell in the night...
And here is the thick-end of that same branch!
More views of the fallen branch
Some damage, thankfully not enough to kill any of the birds nor to allow them to escape
Harvey with a Downy Woodpecker (DOWO) getting it to pose for a photo
Hairy Woodpecker (HAWO) posing nicely
HAWO pecking Harvey's hands - keep in mind that these birds drill holes in wood!
Harvey getting the HAWO to pose
Harvey getting the HAWO to pose
Harvey getting drilled by the HAWO - ouch!
HAWO and the damage to Harvey's hand
Carol-Anne holding a House Finch (HOFI)
Carol-Anne and HOFI
Close-up of the HOFI female
A visitor holding a Black-capped Chickadee (BCCH)
Harvey demonstrating bird banding to the visitors
Harvey teaching proper bird holding techniques to a visitor
Visitor holding a Tufted-Titmouse (TUTI)
Another visitor holding a TUTI
Visitor with a BCCH
More visitors holding BCCH
Visitor and BCCH
Anne teaching some visitors about BCCH
Anne teaching some visitors about BCCH
Anne showing a very young passer-by a BCCH. Future naturalist?
Anne teaching about BCCH
Visitor and a BCCH
Visitor and a BCCH
Anne teaching yet another person about a BCCH
One last BCCH
And the BCCH flying away...

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    Cool fotos, but shouldn’t foto with caption ‘Visitor with TUTI’ be called ‘Visitor with WTSP?

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