Changing the scenery… Moab Part 1 (March 14 to 16, 2009)

Most of our friends now know that Anne and I are planning on changing the scenery in about a week – we’re leaving Long Island, leaving New York, leaving the East and we’re going west.

As part of the excitement around the house, Anne took a trip down memory lane and showed me some random photos from our previous lives out West.Needless to say, the memories came flooding back and the excitement led me to revisit my own old photos. It seems like forever ago, but it was only two years ago that we packed up our happy lives in Logan, Utah to make the short move south to Moab. Logan had been an incredibly positive place for us – we found a community we could be part of, we had an awesome group of friends, Cache Valley is absolutely beautiful most of the year (excluding bad-air days)… The promise of new adventures in Moab, however, was too great to resist.

This set of photos begins with the day that we found our apartment in Moab and goes on to our last evening in Logan with a small group of friends at Seth and Emily’s house. Leo arrived in time for that last party, however, I didn’t get a shot of him (but I know that Anne did – you’ll have to check out her blog).

At the backside of Larry's Farm (east side) there's this road up Johnson's Up-on-Top. We thought that name sounded stupid so we gave it a simpler nickname. I'll just call it Johnson's.
Upon inspection of our apartment, we found this resident hanging out in the utility room! We didn't want to throw her out into the cold night, so we let her stay till morning.
And in the morning, I saw her out to the backyard. Go free you murderous little monster! It was a Black Widow Spider!
Anne on the path up Johnson's.
An old footprint in the sand with new footprints crossing through it - a beetle passed here.
This leg bone of a deer was laying in the wash beneath Johnson's - plenty of Coyotes around to explain this one.
The scenery on Johnson's.
View to the west from Johnson's - that's Larry's Farm dead-center!
Johnson's scenery
A snag on Johnson's - this looks like it could be a Juniper.
These beautiful feathers probably belonged to a Western Scrub-Jay. Guess he's long gone now!
Pinyon up on Johnson's
Juniper on Johnson's - welcome to the Pinyon-Juniper (P-J) ecosystem!
Tracks in the sand...
The sun setting behind the mesa...
Anne at our last Logan party!
Somebody's having a good time
Anne doesn't want her photo taken
Neither does Seth...
but he can't repress that natural smile 🙂

Emily smiling for the camera
Eat, drink, and be merry!
Ahhh... memories!

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