100k milestone (November 25, 2010)

So here’s an unusual post – my car went over 100k miles around Thanksgiving, roughly 7 years after I purchased the car and Anne and I we took some photos to mark the occasion. Obviously, we also did some other stuff in New England over the holiday and the few pics we took appear in the mix…

Looking back at the beginning of winter, it’s hard to believe that the temperatures outside my house hit the 60s today.

The snowy road north at the beginning of the winter season.
A photo my dad wanted me to take at the Conservation Center.
Here's my dad at the Conservation Center (SPNHF).
Dad and I
Anne and I (taken by dad)
My car and I at 100k miles (that is an NH highway sign, just north of Manchester).
The front of the 100k mile car.
Anne and I - another 100k down with many more to go!

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