Snow day! (January 27, 2011)

It began snowing in Bayville sometime on Tuesday and it just kept on going. We awoke this morning with somewhere around 15 inches of wet snow and that was on top of the last storm which hadn’t yet melted. This storm put Central Park at more than double the average snow for the season and it’s still January! Neat to be witnessing yet another weather anomaly in yet another part of the country!

I took the first group of photos while walking around town with Anne today – just to document the situation. Afterwards, I went to TRSAC and did some feeder-watching where I saw this interesting sparrow. Since I didn’t have a bird lens and it was getting dark out, the photos stink, but you easily get the idea…

Bayview after the storm
Little Blue and the house
Anne walking down the beach with Mill Neck in the background.
Big Blue
The end of Bayview
The drainage by our beach - completely full of ice and slush.
Nobody loves this boat
Anne walking our beach
View down the beach toward our house
Look at those ruts!
Our beach looking west into Mill Neck Creek
A motor and the frozen bay (what was I thinking with this photo?)
View up Mill Neck
Trees and clouds
Those are Canada Geese!
Two boats on our street and Bayville Bridge in the background
Anne showing the mid-street snowbank
Bayville Bridge and the frozen bay
Realistic lawn ornaments
Snow removal in action!
Another view of Bayville Bridge - the frozen area in the foreground is where we usually see several dozen Canadian Canada Geese with the orange neck-bands.
Here's our mystery Sparrow! At first, I thought it was an American Tree Sparrow...
Then I thought that maybe it was a Chipping Sparrow...
Then I thought some more...
Could it be a Clay-colored Sparrow?
Maybe... Maybe not... It's a Chipping Sparrow (CHSP).

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