Jones Beach and the Loggerhead Shrike (November 19, 2010)

On the 19th of November, 2010, I drove down to Jones Beach to see if I could drum up some interesting birds. Every Long Island trip, of course, begins with a visit to Bagel Boss.

One of the interesting birds being reported at Jones was a Northern Shrike (NOSH) hanging out at the TR Nature Center (everything on Long Island is named for TR). Of course the bird was actually a Loggerhead Shrike but once one person reports a bird, everybody else approaches it with a biased mind. To her credit, Anne, upon seeing the photos, immediately suspected that the ID was mistaken, but then we went away for the Thanksgiving Holiday and forgot about the bird.

Another point of interest that day was the large number of shorebirds that flew over the island. I took photos of at least a dozen flocks ranging in size from hundreds to thousands and mostly composed of Dunlin (DUNL) but also including a few oddities as seen below.

"The Boss," where I get my bagels, just before sunrise of course.
West End of Jones Beach - this roof is often covered with Rock Pigeons (ROPI) and they often attract a Peregrine Falcon (PEFA) or Merlins (MERL).
Northern Mockingbird (NOMO) stretching his wings.
American Golden-Plover (AGPL), I believe.
Fishermen enjoying favorable seas
Snow Buntings (SNBU) flocking in the dozens - these flocks often have odd rarities mixed in, but not on this day.
Killdeer (KILL) hanging out on the mudflat
Northern Harrier (NOHA) cruising over the Phrag
Canada Goose (CAGO) flock
Peregrine Falcon (PEFA) perched in a snag
Small potholes in the phrag are fantastic spots for waterfowl and shorebirds, but not this time...
Phrag in the wind
Detail of Phrag in the wind
One of numerous flocks of shorebirds flying over Jones Beach that day. These are all Dunlin (DUNL)
Most, if not all, DUNL
This flock shows a couple of oddities - can you tell what they are?
Here's a shot isolating three separate species: DUNL, Sanderling (SAND), and a Long-billed Dowitcher (LBDO)
American Crow (AMCR)
Horned Lark (HOLA) in the parking lot
The mystery Shrike - turns out it was a Loggerhead Shrike (LOSH)

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