Captree Common Ground-Dove (November 15, 2010)

Having dipped on the Common Ground-Dove (CGDO) back on November 3, 2010, Anne and I returned to Captree together on November 15th as part of a larger birding trip. After searching up-and-down Captree, we were getting ready to leave when another birding couple spotted the CGDO and caught our attention.

Other photos from our day show scenes from Jones Beach and Phragmites Park! When I first saw the sign for Phragmites Park, I thought it was a joke – after all, who names a park after an invasive exotic? A quick search on wikipedia shows that Phragmites may not be completely invasive and exotic in North America – according to newer research, there is a native subspecies of Phrag but the introduced European subspecies is more vigorous and dominates when the two meet.

Phragmites Park sign
Song Sparrows (SOSP) in the grass
Rock Pigeons (ROPI) aka Rock Dove, Pigeon, etc... I was surprised to see this flock of ROPI behaving in such a "wild" way, flocking in this bush and feeding on berries...
Fire Island Inlet Bridge leading from Captree over to Robert Moses.
Common Ground-Dove (CGDO) feeding near the sidewalk
Long-tailed Duck (LTDU) aka Old Squaw swimming near Jones Beach
Brant (BRAN) group on the sandbar near the Coast Guard Station on Jones Beach
BRAN getting along

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