Birding around the Long Island (November 22 to 25, 2010)

The last stretch up to Thanksgiving 2010 included lots of birding around the Island, or as the relentless grind of winter has led me to call it: Long Sighland.

Blair, Anne and I went for a nice bird trip out at Sunken Meadows SP. Sunken Meadows attracts an interesting mix of birds and is a nice mix of habitats on Long Island’s north-central shore.

A few days later, Jen Ma and I went down to Jamaica Bay and Jones Beach to do some birding and resight the Loggerhead Shrike.

Finally, Anne and I made our way up to New Hampshire. Along the way, we stopped in southern Connecticut and picked up a rare Fork-tailed Flycatcher!

Red-breasted Nuthatch (RBNU) were flocking all over Sunken Meadows in the pines along the beach/marsh interface.
A whirlpool, created by some drainage equipment, provided the three of us with an opportunity for a fascinating science experiment: what can we throw into the whirlpool? Our results: mostly sticks and rocks.
A Red-tailed Hawk (RTHA) flew over, giving us some neat views.
This American Tree Sparrow (ATSP) was part of a small flock that we spotted near the parking lot.
ATSP while singing and calling - check out how cool that throat looks!
An old nest, unsure of who made it exactly, high in the tree.
A Mallard (MALL) - I have no idea why I took this photo.
On the way home from SM, we saw this flock of Canada Geese at St. John's Pond. Check out the weird whitish-headed CAGO in the back... perhaps it was a hybrid with a Snow Goose? Impossible to tell from this photo.
Another shot of the CAGO flock, this time with a GBHE in the tree out front.
A mix of birds at Jamaica Bay - Jen Ma and I went out for the day down there and saw this cool flock of ducks and geese. Most of these ducks are Ruddy Ducks (RUDU).
Handful of Tree Swallows (TRES) hanging around the Jones Beach parking lots.
Loggerhead Shrike (LOSH) hanging out at the usual spot on Jones.
Monk Parakeet MOPA) in southern Connecticut at Cove Island Park - we were there for the Fork-tailed Flycatcher (FTFL), but this bird and his flock of 30-50 was really fun to see.
MOPA flocking on the ground - look at those colors! We once had a native parakeet in the United States, the Carolina Parakeet, but it was wiped out long ago.
Fork-tailed Flycatcher! Lifer! Here, you can see him in comparison with a (Yellow-shafted) Northern Flicker (YSFL).
FTFL fanning out his tail - crap photo, but check out that tail!
FTFL in tree.
FTFL in grass.
The highway north to New England...
Here were some trees that my dad thought I should photograph...
My dad, waving to the camera. He, Anne and I went for a walk at the Conservation Center (which is really called the... I can't recall).
Dad and I
Dad took this photo of Anne and I - it was really cold.
Major milestone moment: 100,000 miles reached in Little Blue! Photograph taken in New Hampshire with New York plates, Wyoming beard and Utah attitude. Achievement unlocked: loss of Hyundai warranty coverage!
Here's Little Blue again, different angle.
Here's the proof from the console.
Anne and I mark the milestone...

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