TR Photoshoot: Great Horned Owl #1

Another day, another photoshoot with a bird at the TR Sanctuary in Oyster Bay. Today’s bird is a Great Horned Owl (GHOW) who has been with the TR Sanctuary for so long that she’s already been retired for nearly a decade.

As a young Owl, she successfully took down a Racoon but lost a wing in the process. She’s now 34 years old, which is quite old considering that few reach 20 in the wild. She enjoys a daily meal which typically consists of two gerbils, and she basically gets to sit out in the fresh air all day long with no responsibilities. Because she avoids the public eye, this photoshoot is an incredibly rare opportunity to see her! Enjoy!

Alice, the head of Animal Care at the TR Sanctuary conversing with GHOW #1

Her eye-sight may be failing, but her hearing is still sharp enough to keep her on alert for squirrels in a nearby bush

The look in her eyes says it's time to wrap up the photoshoot

One thought on “TR Photoshoot: Great Horned Owl #1

  • August 3, 2010 at 16:12

    Thanks Jason, Really glad we were able to get these shots. She is a beauty! But of course I am a bit predjudiced. Also liked the comments. Alice

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