Life at Bayview

Here are a couple of photos from our house at Bayview. We live on the last dirt road in our town (and maybe the entire county), and they are going to pave the road this week (along with our driveway). I decided to take some late-summer photos of the neighborhood one last time before the big project.

From the end of our driveway, you can see where the last New Moon Tide came over the street - the neighbors yard was totally underwater, but today their grass is as green as ever.
Our house and our fine lawn
Utah plates for another week or two... as soon as I get around to registering...
The tomato garden doing quite well
The corn, beans and squashes garden are also doing quite well. Sunflowers in the back have been brining in Am. Goldfinches lately.

Today I decided to take a few more photos of the neigborhood. Anne and I took a midday swim at the beach until it began raining – maybe the grass will green up in time for winter?

View across the bay
Anne swimming in the bay

You can see our yard from the beach, but not the house until fall.

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