Jamaica Bay with Leo, August 17th, 2010

When Leo called me on Monday night, I didn’t realize we would be spending the next day at Jamaica Bay, but so it was, and despite poor light and relatively few birds, we did some some really cool ones and I got a couple sweet photos to boot!

The first bird of the visit was this Little Blue Heron! This fellow is white, which indicates that he is not yet an adult.
Semi-palmated Plovers engaged in a territorial dispute

A flock of Blue-winged Teal

Short-billed Dowitcher
Halfway into our walk, an adult Forster's Tern and a juvenile showed up. The juvenile made a constant racket while the parent flew around catching fish and serving them up.

The Forster's Tern parent hovering over the water, watching for prey fish.
The Forster's in her dive
Brining home dinner once again

When we left JBWR, the Forster's was still flying around, hunting for more fish for the insatiable youngster.

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