Hiking Mt. Cardigan

Just over a week ago, Leo and Christophe joined me for a quick walk up Mt. Cardigan in New Hampshire.

(Here’s a map of Mt. Cardigan)

We started a little late in the morning, but it was an overcast day so it wasn’t particularly hot. Being a weekday, there were very few other hikers on the mountain, however, we did see some of the Highlanders making repairs to the trails. We avoided any downpours, but at some point it did begin to spit a little. Here are some photos from that day…

Leo and Christophe discussing the hike

Leo robbing the bears' bounty
First sight of the firetower
These huge cairns would never hold up on top of the Presidentials, but they are quite impressive down here.

The Mt. Cardigan fire tower at the summit, 3155 feet. The summit burned back in 1855 and the topsoil just blew off, leaving this alpine look and feel.

A Dark-eyed Junco!
The old fire tower on Mt. Cardigan

"Make a nice face"
This was photographed at the Park-N-Ride at exit 2 off I-89. Anybody know what this is? I thought it looked like a relative of Russian Olive.

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