Sailing out to Smuttynose

Christophe and I spent the better part of a day sailing out to the Isles of Shoals on the Goat Island Skiff I am Zinea, Pterodactylus, which Christophe built. With 10 to 15 knots tailwind, we left Rye Harbor around midday, made a 7-mile bee-line for Smuttynose in about an hour, visited the island for a couple of hours, and made a very challenging return trip against strong winds and currents in about four hours. We finally arrived in port moments before sunset. Here are the photos from the day – note that I didn’t take any photos of the actual voyage as seas were so rough that the skiff was never quite stable enough to get the camera out. Despite getting soaked, we did manage to keep from capsizing for the entire trip.

Christophe striking his victory pose after awesomely piloting the skiff to Smuttynose
Christophe and his skiff - those buildings behind him are on Starr Island, and to the right you can see Malaga Island creeping in.
The most accurate depiction of the sky when we arrived on Smuttynose I.

Looking out at Lunging Island and Square Rock. The boat coming into the harbor is a Black Skimmer.

Looking out at Lunging Island and Square Rock. The boat coming into the harbor is a Black Skimmer.
Christophe's boat on the beach between Smuttynose and Malaga. That's Appledore Island with the buildings on it.
I think this is Samuel Haley House - the site where Louis Wagner axe-murdered two women.
A view of Star from Smuttynose.
The Black Skimmer arriving into port...

Christophe signing the register with his Skiff and Appledore behind him.

Great Black-backed Gull chicks scurrying along

Great Black-backed Gulls, Purple Loosestrife, and Poison Ivy
Christophe amidst a sea of Poison Ivy
Rye Harbor as the sun sets

Christophe and I with the skiff back at port

Sunset through the reeds near Odiorne
The Black Skimmer returns to shore in the light of the setting sun
Sunset over the saltmarsh

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